Password Protect Folders with Folder Guard

for Windows 11,10, 8, 7

Folder Guard is a computer security software tool that you can use to password-protect a folder, lock Control Panel, hide files and folders, restrict access to the CD, DVD, and other removable drives, and more.

Folder Guard screenshot

What you can do with Folder Guard

Lock folders with passwords

Folder Guard can lock any file folder with a password, so that only users who know the password would be able to open the folder you’ve protected.

Hide files and folders

You can use Folder Guard to hide any file folder from Windows Explorer, Office, and other Windows applications. Only when you enter the correct password the folder would become visible.

Password-protect programs

If you don’t want other users to run certain programs, you can use Folder Guard to protect them with password, too.

Disable Control Panel

If you don’t want other users to mess up your system configuration, you can use Folder Guard to restrict their access to Control Panel and various configuration tools of Windows.

Protect your data from modifications

Other users as well as computer viruses can modify or destroy your documents, accidentally or intentionally. Folder Guard lets you make folders of your choice “read-only”, and thus prevent their modification until you decide.

Control access to external drives

Don’t want someone to copy your confidential documents to the removable flash stick or a USB drive? With Folder Guard, you can stop that. Don’t want others to install unauthorized software from the external source? Folder Guard can help you with that, too.