Lock Folder Lock Files With Folder Guard

for Windows 11,10, 8, 7

Folder locking tools

Folder Guard lets you lock a file folder with a password of your choice so that the password must be entered before letting anyone open the folder. To set up a folder lock, you can use the built-in Quick Start Wizard which can guide you through the steps involved in setting up the folder lock. Or, simply use the Lock folder with password command from Folder Guard menu.

How to unlock a password-protected folder

When you enable the protection of Folder Guard, all password-protected folders that you have set up become locked with passwords. If you need to unlock a folder, simply double-click on the folder’s icon on the desktop or in another folder’s window, and Folder Guard will show a password prompt. If you enter the correct password, Folder Guard will allow the folder to open as usual. If the password is incorrect, the folder will remain closed.

Auto-lock folder

Folder Guard offers an option to automatically lock the password protected folder back when closing it. When you are done working with the files in the protected folder, you would close the folder’s window, and that would cause Folder Guard to display a prompt asking whether you want the folder to become protected with its password again.

Locking and unlocking all password-protected folders at once

Instead of locking and unlocking each folder separately, you can use Folder Guard to set up a “hot key” that you can use to lock or unlock all password-protected folders at once, by presing the “hot key” combination and entering your “master password”.

Lock documents and programs, too

You can lock files with passwords, too! First, use the Protect – Add File command of Folder Guard to add the file you want to protect to its window. After that, the procedure of setting up a filelock is exactly the same as it is for a folderlock (see above).