Folder Guard can hide folders and files

from other users of Windows 11,10, 8, 7

Folder hiding tools

It’s very easy to hide folder with Folder Guard: simply select the folder you want to hide in the main window of Folder Guard, right-click on the folder, and select the Visibility – Hidden command from the shortcut menu, or press the Hidden button on the toolbar. When you hide a folder with Folder Guard, it becomes invisible to other programs and applications, including Office, command prompt, etc. When you need to work with the files from the hidden folder, you would use the Toggle Protection command of Folder Guard and, as if by magic, the hidden folder would instantly become visible.

Hiding and unhiding all protected folders at once

You can use Folder Guard to set up a “hot key” that you would use to protect and unprotect all hidden and password-protected folders at once, by pressing the “hot key” combination and entering your “master password”.

Hiding folders from the search or image cache

Some programs (such as Windows Search or various graphics viewers) store the information about the files from the hidden folders separately from the folders themselves, and that can make such information visible even though the folder itself is hidden. To solve this problem, you need not only hide the folder where your hidden files are (by assigning the hidden attribute to the folder with FolderGuard), but you also need to configure your search or image cataloging software not to index the contents of the folder you want to remain hidden.