Folder Guard 8.3.2 released

Version 8.3.2 is minor update that corrects an error introduced in version 8.3.1 that prevented some license keys from being accepted as valid. If you’ve installed version 8.3.1 and the software asked you to enter a valid license key (even though you’ve already entered it), please download and install version 8.3.2 to correct this error.

Folder Guard 8.3.1 released

Version 8.3.1 is a minor update to Folder Guard that improves the protection of the mapped network drives on the Windows 7/Vista computers. If you have not experienced a problem protecting the mapped networked drives with Folder Guard, you may want to skip this update. Otherwise, download it from our web site and install over …

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Folder Guard 8.3 released

Folder Guard version 8.3 offers the following new features: An option to enable protection in the safe mode of Windows. (Previously, this could only be enabled manually). User-specific restrictions for the domain users. Several new filters to allow you to lock all applications, or lock your MP3 collection, or restrict access to any removable drive …

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